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Donkey Kong

Lockheed Martin’s “Multiple Kill Vehicle” hovering and moving in 3D space with precision… badass.

WARNING: Do NOT calculate Pi in binary. It is conjectured that this number is normal, meaning that it contains ALL finite bit strings.

Stainless steel and bronze handmade robot(s), with 920 pieces and 85 moving parts.


Dude making a giant robot.
Spider tank

Flash drive storage is getting serious. This is rather old news, but still seems to currently be the record. You could put your OS on this little thing and hijack a machine. So machines would be totally blank other than a disk for swap space…

buslink image

It’s only $4800 USD (Nov 07)…

This is ok value I guess: (8gb for $250 USD). There’s quite a few manufactures doing 8gb, but 64gb is… wow.