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Santiago Ortiz’s ++ visual complexity

Recently came across by Santiago Ortiz. Lotsa cool stuff there, but one notable item is a link to a familiar resource,, which filthmedia has featured multiple times over the years. This link takes the data from visual complexity and represents it in a visually complex fashion…? chicken/egg?

Some of visual complexity’s complexities:

Simpa’s new experiments gallery

bunch of cool flash experiments

demosceners once again proving their worth in this web world… whilst you’re there, check out his original cosmos, one of those sites that features ambiguous navigation, cheerfully driving some to tears. of course, i don’t cry…

JSFL + Flash. Add stop(); to first and last frame of all movieclips

Using flash, ever had to add a stop frame to the first and last frame of all your movieclips in the library?

This script will do so for you!

Definitely save your FLA first, and definitely keep a backup of it too – There’s no undoing here, unless you want to try and anti the code to undo it all…

Suggested method is to drag all your movieclips into a new movie, run the jsfl file, and drag your movies back into your working file.

Save the script below as addstops.jsfl or similar:

var len = fl.getDocumentDOM().library.items.length;
var i;

for (i=0; i < len; i++) {

	var item = fl.getDocumentDOM().library.items[ i ];	
	var itemtype = item.itemType;
	if ( itemtype == "movie clip" ) {

		var frames = item.timeline.layers[0].frames[0].duration;

		fl.trace( 'movie clip found: ' + i + ' with frames: ' +  frames );
		// would have thought layers[1] should be required next... but no
		item.timeline.layers[0].frames[0].actionScript = "stop();";
		item.timeline.insertKeyframe( 1 );
		item.timeline.insertKeyframe( frames - 1);
		item.timeline.layers[0].frames[ frames - 1 ].actionScript = "stop();";

many thanks to shane mcartney's work here.

Now... what do I do about a code blog... will this do?