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Complex brick laying with augmented reality

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Our universe spinning, spinning…

Revolution of our planets

You can set dates, speed up time and even flip it from Copernican to Tychonian (yeah, I knew those).

From Dynamic Diagrams – Orrery Movie

Santiago Ortiz’s ++ visual complexity

Recently came across by Santiago Ortiz. Lotsa cool stuff there, but one notable item is a link to a familiar resource,, which filthmedia has featured multiple times over the years. This link takes the data from visual complexity and represents it in a visually complex fashion…? chicken/egg?

Some of visual complexity’s complexities:

This panoramic view encompasses the entire sky as seen by Two Micron All-Sky Survey. The measured brightnesses of half a billion stars (points) have been combined into colors representing three distinct wavelengths of infrared light: blue at 1.2 microns, green at 1.6 microns microns, and red at 2.2 microns. This image is centered on the core of our own Milky Way galaxy, toward the constellation of Sagittarius. The reddish stars seemingly hovering in the middle of the Milky Way’s disc – many of them never observed before – trace the densest dust clouds in our galaxy. The two faint smudges seen in the lower right quadrant are our neighboring galaxies, the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds.

Record grooves under an electron microscope

Lost Generation

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Badass floating droid

Lockheed Martin’s “Multiple Kill Vehicle” hovering and moving in 3D space with precision… badass.

Funky Vector

Pauli exclusion

Random flash musings by yours truly…

Warning: Don’t compute pi

WARNING: Do NOT calculate Pi in binary. It is conjectured that this number is normal, meaning that it contains ALL finite bit strings.

Artificial life system


Tube map by Tom Carden

tubemap by tom carden

Geographical map of the tube, and click any station to get radial details of travel times.

The grid

Perhaps more CERN tech providing advantages for everyone, eventually.

At speeds about 10,000 times faster than a typical broadband connection…

“It will lead to what’s known as cloud computing, where people keep all their information online and access it from anywhere,� he said.

Launch Ball

Wicked game for puzzlers, scientists, computer nerds, or just everyone. kids too. adults three.

Launch Ball

Hey tsr, remember a drunken convo about this concept? done.

elephants on acid and two headed dogs

When investigating the sexual arousal of male turkeys researchers at Penn State University were impressed to see that the birds would attempt to mate with lookalike dummies. Piece by piece they removed parts of the dummy and found that the males were still highly aroused when presented with no more than a head on a stick.

elephants on acid and two headed dogs

When Galaxies Collide…

We’re doomed in about 2 billion years…

for more check out this

Water is more fluid than plastic.

Post link that is clickable

Se – Ar – Ch – Fr – ie – nd – ly – li – Nk

Kilo prototype mysteriously loses weight


Koopmans was the last name of a dude who gave a rat a second stomach, and fed it through a tube, while the original stomach was fed in the usual way. He tied a piece of string around the output tube from the new stomach to act as a pyloric shyncter (which controls how much and when food goes from the stomach into the small intestine). He also attatched to the new stomach nerves and blood vessels that went to (and came from) the same locations as blood vessels from the other gut did. The rat did not consume twice as much food.

What happens is that you’re stomach produces a peptide known as Cholesystokinin (CCK) that latches onto the CCK-A receptors on the nerves surrounding your stomach, which transmit information to your brainstem, which is then passes the information to neurons that eventually synapse on the Ventro-Medial area of your hypothalamus, which tells you that the body has enough substance for your insulin (which had been released from the pancreas to make you hungry about ten minutes before you started eating) to handle right now. The name of the rat he used will forever remain a mystery.

Jesus is back

And he’s pissed off!

Photo Synth and Sea Dragon

This is data beauty.