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Maxim Zhestkov awesome visualisations

“It all started with 2d illustrations, that smoothly turned into 3d illustrations and spaces. Then I developed a passion for architecture and graphic design. Then I realized that the most important thing is motion!”

recommend visiting his site at: and experiencing hi quality quicktime versions…

abandoned places

Great analogue photography of disused and forgotten spaces from a Belgian pilot/photgrapher, including abandoned factories, houses and an aeroplane graveyard. I like the quaintly antiquated ‘picturewheel’ interface.


8 bit attack on new york



subblue’s first short movie

exploring the mandelbulb… includes dangerous fractals.

autiotool v new

The guys at hobnox hare released the new version of their audiotool

Santiago Ortiz’s ++ visual complexity

Recently came across by Santiago Ortiz. Lotsa cool stuff there, but one notable item is a link to a familiar resource,, which filthmedia has featured multiple times over the years. This link takes the data from visual complexity and represents it in a visually complex fashion…? chicken/egg?

Some of visual complexity’s complexities:

Alexa Meade (sur)real body painting

take your time looking at these to figure out what’s happening.


Branding Violence

Instrumental video nine

Scanning for total sweetness…

reminded me of this primitive thing i made almost a decade ago, but good. 🙂


This would freak you out…

by rAndom International with Chris O’Shea

Kumi Yamashita

playing with light, shadows, and micro/macrocosms to a certain degree…

This is tight…

Turn it up! Fullscreen it! Smoke some shit?!

IOGraphica – MousePath

Map your mouse movements.

This panoramic view encompasses the entire sky as seen by Two Micron All-Sky Survey. The measured brightnesses of half a billion stars (points) have been combined into colors representing three distinct wavelengths of infrared light: blue at 1.2 microns, green at 1.6 microns microns, and red at 2.2 microns. This image is centered on the core of our own Milky Way galaxy, toward the constellation of Sagittarius. The reddish stars seemingly hovering in the middle of the Milky Way’s disc – many of them never observed before – trace the densest dust clouds in our galaxy. The two faint smudges seen in the lower right quadrant are our neighboring galaxies, the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds.

Record grooves under an electron microscope

Simpa’s new experiments gallery

bunch of cool flash experiments

demosceners once again proving their worth in this web world… whilst you’re there, check out his original cosmos, one of those sites that features ambiguous navigation, cheerfully driving some to tears. of course, i don’t cry…

Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps

Timelapsus from Physalia Studio

Timelapsus from Physalia Studio

screamyguy’s fractal robot

“…I built a robot whose sole purpose in life was to create an even smaller robot just like himself… So much like himself, that this robot endeavoured to create yet another tiny robot, ad infinitum.”

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.