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Wouldn’t we all?

Dude making a giant robot.
Spider tank

…girls can practice what we men have been enjoying for many millions of years it seems – thanks to the Wii and a dev team with far too much time and money on their hands!

I post this because it’s new, shaggy bisons are cool, and I’m going to see her trounce about on a stage tomorrow.


EDIT: It’s actually available in 3D… if you’ve got a pair of those glasses lying about.

Tube map by Tom Carden

tubemap by tom carden

Geographical map of the tube, and click any station to get radial details of travel times.


I can feel the Aliens loader coming on….

A New Pope

[x] Star Wars
[x] Atheism
[x] Adam Buxton of Adam and Joe fame.

I wouldn’t usually post such a geeky-funny, sorry, but it checked too many boxes.

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Count them passes.

Gymnasts with light sabers…
Lightsaber Dance

The grid

Perhaps more CERN tech providing advantages for everyone, eventually.

At speeds about 10,000 times faster than a typical broadband connection…

“It will lead to what’s known as cloud computing, where people keep all their information online and access it from anywhere,� he said.

For those of us who work in the digital media industry, or similar industries that result in client feedback that shits you to tears:

New website just published… and it’s in Russian – r3fractions, just for you.

Infiniti M Russia

The plot of the still rather awesome Predator in rap (with dialogue from the film included in the flow)
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Terranoise released their debut album ‘Terrano Vibrations‘ in October 2006, packing a bunch of fun into a decent delivery of psychedelic techno package. Although it can be said there is little originality in (Israeli) full on, with the standard elements almost always existing somewhere in the mix, in this album the breakdowns were notably silly (as in, great), so these had to be isolated.

With the following formula, it could be a recipe for pure psy: Psytrance – trance = psy.

Terranoise - Terrano Vibrations

Terranoise – Terrano Vibrations (Tracks 1 – 5 Breakdowns)

Unfortunately, this task had to be put on hold due to access to a decent computer, so only the first 5 tracks were processed, but given these breakdowns alone added up to more than 7 minutes, may as well have a listen.