caught this a few days ago at fotb. andre michelle has already done heaps of cool online stuff, including the hobnox audio tool. this stuff isn’t new, but happening in flash within a web browser… wow…


… you’ve gotta page through to about page 20, looking for title ‘Granular Synthesis’… click right arrow at the bottom… then click the start button.

then you want to load in a wav file – ‘import wav’ … if you’ve got no ideas, try the amen break

next panel down, set the bars to 4 if you’re using the above amen break, bpm to whatever. handy to set resolution to 1/16ths, and snapping on, and start drawing lined and beziers etc… hit play. select a line and press delete to move.

voila. legend. lots of other cool stuff in the kling klang demo, and of course, his blog/labs… cheers to joa ebert too.

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